Among the activities of the Azienda there is also a Farm School which is open to guests who decide to learn more about country life by getting involved, by helping on the farm, and by learning more about the culture, the history and the traditions of the local area.
Guests can choose from the following list of courses:
  • The olive: from the harvesting to the pressing of the olives, to the preparation of simple dishes using oil.
  • The woods: a nature walk and a literary walk in the woods; jobs linked to the woods: charcoal-burners and wood-cutters.
  • Our friend the bee: discovering the life of the bee, a trip to the laboratory, candle-making, tasting different kinds of honey.
  • The vegetable garden: a trip to the vegetable garden, picking fruit and vegetables, little gardening tasks.
  • Bread: the history of bread-making and a practical demonstration of the various stages of making bread.
  • The stable and the farmyard: local breeds and rare breeds; recognising different animals; how food gets from the farm to the table.
  • From sunrise to sunset: the experience of daily life on a farm in the last century. Recycling waste: differential waste collection, and the importance of natural manure.
  • The art of weaving: the history of basket-making and weaving and the production of simple craft products; a trip to the Museum of Textiles in Prato.
Visits are organised for groups of a minimum of 10 people up to a maximum of 25.